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Sensational Twerk Workout


Dream Sensations Dance Studio
5517 Wbroadway 77581 Pearland United States
The Wait Is Over!!!!
I Have Had A Popular Demand For This Class And I Am So Excited To Announce That It Is Finally Here...


THIS CLASS IS NOW AVAILABLE TO EVERY ONE 18+ EVERY MONDAY AT 7PM at Dream Sensations Dance Studio 5517 W Broadway Pearland Tx 77584. (starting on June 13)

What Is Twerking?
Now before you began to judge let me explain what this class is. Twerking (/ˈtwɜːrkɪŋ/) is a type of dance originated from an African heritage background. The dance involves thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stances. Though the term seems to be known as uncertain assumptions it consumes a large amount footwork, twisting, jerking, and popping.

Does it actually burn calories?
Absolutely! This class is 60 minutes long which is what most human beings need to have a full "workout dance session". This class includes squats, pumping your pelvis rapidly, and incorporating rapid arm movements. It is an amazing workout for quads, gluteus, and abs which means that your "core or mid-section" will progressively get toned and fit. But the fun does not stop there, the fast-paced intense movements will make your gluteus-maximus, rectus femoris, gastrocnemius, and peroneus longus really tight and firm.

The cardio will get your heart pumping just right and twerking will get your summer body looking right so please join me for a great session!

After the TWERK WORKOUT SESSION is over, individuals 21+ will be able to end their night off with a glass of their favorite wine! Yes that's right, you heard it everyone BYOB (we will NOT provide it)! #TWERKNSIP IS ALSO NOW IN SESSION AT DREAM SENSATIONS DANCE STUDIO WELCOME TO THE 2016 YEAR OF THE "NEW ME" "NEW CHANGE" LIFE STYLE!


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